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The CEF Telecom programme 2014-2020 has concluded. The CEF Digital platform is no longer being actively updated.

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About the Service

The CEF eDelivery Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) enables the participants of an eDelivery Messaging Infrastructure to dynamically discover each other's capabilities (Legal, Organisational, and Technical). For this to happen, each participant must publish its capabilities and settings in a SMP. SMPs hold key information about the participants of large eDelivery Messaging Infrastructures, for example:

  • business processes the participant supports
  • the security setup (public key certificate)
  • the transport protocol (e.g. AS4)
  • the location of the receiver's access point

The SMPs are usually distributed serving metadata for multiple participants, nonetheless, each participant publishes his metadata in one and only one SMP. Because of this distributed architecture, each participant has to have a unique ID. A central component, called Service Metadata Locator (SML), uses these IDs to create URLs that, when resolved, direct the eDelivery Access Points towards the specific SMP of the participant.

The current SMP software component maintained by the European Commission implements the e-SENS SMP profile based on the OASIS Service Metadata Publishing (BDX SMP) specifications.

The software component is available now.
The Component offering description is coming soon.

Users of the service 

  • Service providers may offer their services to integrate national backend systems with a CEF eDelivery Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) or to install and operate a CEF eDelivery Service Metadata Publisher (SMP).
  • Software Providers may develop software conformant to the SMP Profile developed by e-SENS to sell it as a commercial product or as an Open Source project.
  • Policy domain owners may use the CEF eDelivery Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) to create a secure network for the exchange of data and documents.

Benefits for the users of the service

The CEF eDelivery Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) is associated to the following benefits:

  • Facilitates the registration of new participants in the network
  • Facilitates the discovery of the capabilities of the participants in the network
  • Removes a single point of failure if the SMPs are distributed
  • Improves the scalability of very large eDelivery Messaging Infrastructures