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1. Current release

This page collects the resources for Service Metadata Locator version 4.0.0 , released in June 2019.

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The Directorate-General for Informatics (DIGIT) is happy to announce the upgrade of the sample implementation of the SML software in order to fully support the CEF eDelivery SML specification. In version 4.0.x, as in version 3.1.x the SML will also provide support for the e-SENS BDXL profile, as well as the PEPPOL SML specification. As the PEPPOL SML specification continues to be supported, current users of the SML software shouldn't suffer of any disruption of service. The SML managed service offered by DIGIT uses this sample implementation and therefore benefits from its features.

This version of the SML sample implementation is also known as Business Document Metadata Service Location application (BDMSL). It is released with additional documentation which can be found below.

The SML 4.0.0 latest release includes following major additions compared to release 3.1.3:

  • Introduce new library springsecurity-2-way-ssl-auth for handling the authentication.
  • Add database auditing.
  • Enable ebCore participant identifiers.
  • Participants can be now registered in multiple domains. 
  • One artifact is suitable for deployment on all supported application servers.
  • Support for WebLogic 12.2 and discontinue support for 12.1.3.
  • Removed Liquibase for managing database objects.
  • Introduce new user role MONITOR_ROLE for calling isAlive function.
  • Move service for administration of BDMSL to webcontect bdmsladminservices.
  • Implement new admin webservice for: managing properties, DNS records, SML domains.

Migration from 3.1.3 to 4.0.0

There is no migration scripts provided.


Interface Control Document of SML (pdf)
This document covers the service interface of the CEF eDelivery SML sample implementation. It includes information regarding the description of the services available, the list of use cases, the information model and the sequence of message exchanges for the services provided.
SML Software Architecture Document (pdf)
This document is the Software Architecture document of the CEF eDelivery SML sample implementation. It intends to provide detailed information about the project: an overview of the solution, the different layers, the principles governing its software architecture.
Quick start guide (pdf)
This document provides a brief description of the installation of the SML sample implementation component on a Tomcat/MySQL environment.
Service Offering Document (pdf)
This document described the services offered by the SML.
Licence (pdf)
European Union Public Licence.

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