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Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

Helping you find the best solution for your consumer disputes

Who is it for?

For those buying and selling products and services online. The European Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform is provided by the European Commission to help consumers and traders solve their issues in a non-confrontational way, without the need for legal action.


Find a resolution for your dispute with a trader in a fast and cost-effective way.


Resolve your consumer disputes with an impartial and competent dispute resolution entity.

Why use the European ODR platform?

ODR platform stands for fairer, more transparent Digital Single Market. By enabling consumer disputes related to the online purchases to be resolved and offering guidance on other disputes and consumer rights.

Find the right way for your dispute

Our platform offers a wide range of options suited for your dispute.

Speak your own language

The platform is not connected to any trader or consumer group, therefore available in all EU languages, Icelandic and Norwegian.


Our platform is free to use and will effectively connect you with dispute resolution entities while staying neutral.

What does a dispute look like?

The following example gives you an idea of what an online dispute might look like:

You buy a pair of shorts online.

They arrive in the wrong size but you don’t notice and while trying them on you accidently pull the tag off.

You send the pair of shorts back.

Your trader tells you they are unable to reimburse you nor send you a new pair since the tag is missing even though you were sent the wrong size shorts.

How it works

Start by filling out our online complaint form. Once you provide your details, the platform will notify the trader of your request. One of the following outcomes can happen:

The trader offers you a solution directly

 Congratulations! Do not forget to close the case and give us feedback.

The trader proposes alternative dispute resolution.

You must agree on the dispute resolution body within 30 days after you file your case. A dispute resolution body certified by a national authority will deliver an outcome within 90 days

If the trader refuses your request

or does not propose a dispute resolution body within 30 days, the ODR platform considers the case closed without resolution, but you still have other options.