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How to notify an eID scheme

1. Overview

What is notification?

The notification process refers to the selection, peer review and official addition of national eID schemes to the eIDAS Network. Notification ensures that the eID schemes connected to the eIDAS Network satisfy the conditions of quality and security set out by the eIDAS Regulation. As a general rule, all eID schemes connected to the eIDAS Network must be notified, though in some specific cases, service providers may make use of non-notified eID schemes.

Each Member State is responsible for the notification of its own national eID scheme(s).

Who is involved?

Cooperation Network 

Will perform the peer reviews as part of the (pre-)notification process, and forms an opinion on the notified schemes.

Single Points of Contact

Will coordinate input for the peer review of national eID schemes.

Identity Providers

Will provide relevant information on their eID schemes for peer review.

eIDAS-Node implementers/operators

Will provide relevant input in relation to their eIDAS-Nodes and interconnection with eID schemes for peer review.

European Commission

Will publish the official notification.

High level process

1. Pre-notification: Transmission of the notification documents to the European Commission and to the other EU Member States

2. Peer Review: Optional review of the eID system (maximum three months)

3. Notification (at the earliest six months after pre-notification)

4. Publication of the notification by the Commission (at the latest two months after Notification)

5. Mandatory recognition of notified eID schemes by EU Member States (at the latest 12 months after publication, but no earlier than 29 September 2018)

Obligations under eIDAS

Member States are under no legal obligation to notify their eID scheme(s) under the eIDAS Regulation, however it is necessary if they want to guarantee the recognition of their eID scheme by other Member States and allow their citizens to use their eID in a cross-border context. Once an eID scheme has been pre-notified, the eIDAS Regulation does apply.

At least six months prior to notification, the notifying Member State must provide a description of that eID scheme, as well as details of the responsible parties involved, to the Commission and the other Member States (pre-notification).

Read more about obligations under the eIDAS Regulation

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