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EU Student eCard

The EU Student eCard is part of the Digital Education Action Plan. It aims at improving the quality of student mobility in Europe. The initiative is linked to the EU's electronic identification rules (eIDAS Regulation) and intends to re-use several CEF Building Blocks to provide a seamless cross-border electronic exchange of student data and documents based on the Once-Only Principle.

The EU Student eCard will enable the electronic recognition everywhere in Europe of the student status and identity based on their national electronic identity and allow the secure exchange of data (e.g. student records, academic attributes) and access to online services (e.g. course materials, enrolment services, online libraries) in hosting institutions and countries.

The CEF eID building block is a set of services (including software, documentation, training and support) provided by the European Commission and endorsed by the Member States, which helps public administrations and private service providers to extend the use of their online services through the mutual recognition of national eID schemes.

What is the policy background?

The CEF Telecom work programme 2019-2020 sets out the background and goals of the CEF EU Student eCard digital service infrastructure, for the cross-border use of eID and Authentication Services to support student mobility and access to student services in Europe.

The CEF EU Student eCard is implemented by the EDSSI project.

The action is based on a range of interoperable networked and cloud-based services: the peer-to-peer network currently connects student information systems from more than 700 higher education institutions from all over Europe; the cloud-based systems comprise proxies to key identification services and reference tools that support currently more than 2300 higher education institutions participating in the Erasmus+ programme with a view to support their transition towards fully digital workflows using public infrastructure.

It builds upon:

  • MyAcademicID, to support the identification and authentication of users
  • Erasmus Without Paper, enabling the electronic exchange of data between higher education institutions and the
  • European Student Card, supporting the deployment of a European student status by higher education institutions and public student service providers”

Generic services projects funded under the CEF EU Student eCard

A call for proposals is now open  for an indicative €2 million in funding available for proposals in this area. 2020 EU Student eCard Core Service Platform call (CEF-TC-2020-3). The CEF-TC-2020-3 EU Student eCard Core Service Platform Call proposal submission deadline has been extended until 1 January 2021.

Proposals can be submitted via email to: For further information see the latest news and Corrigendum of 1 December 2020 on:

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