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What is EBSI?

The European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) is a network of distributed nodes across Europe that will deliver cross-border public services. Blockchain technology will ultimately enhance the way citizens, governments and businesses interact.

EBSI is the result of the European Blockchain Partnership, a Declaration signed between 27 Member States, Liechtenstein and Norway to cooperate in the delivery of cross-border digital public services, with the highest standards of security and privacy.

EBSI is one of CEF’s Building Blocks, providing free reusable software, specifications and services to support its adoption by EU institutions public administrations, business and citizens.


The power of blockchain is being leveraged to create trusted digital audit trails, automate compliance checks and prove data integrity.


Citizens gain digital control of their educational credentials, significantly reducing verification costs and improving trust in documents’ authenticity.

Self-Sovereign Identity

EBSI is helping to implement a Self-Sovereign Identity model in Europe, allowing users to create and control their own identity across borders.

Trusted Data Sharing

Blockchain technology is being used to securely share data (e.g. IOSS VAT identification numbers and import one-stop-shop) among customs and tax authorities in the EU.

Who can benefit from EBSI

EU citizens

Use public services in the European Union, easily and securely, even across borders.

National public administrations

Simplify administrative processes, increase efficiency and instil trust in citizens.

Get started with EBSI

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Try out EBSI’s features

From creating a decentralised identifier to requesting a digital copy of your diploma, or notarising documents , discover how EBSI uses blockchain technology to offer valuable services to European citizens.

Deploy an EBSI node

Get involved in the EBSI’s network, helping to shape its governance and future technical decisions. If you are part of the European Blockchain Partnership or endorsed by it, you can start hosting a node.

Integrate your applications with EBSI

Verify if your applications and systems are ready to integrate with the EBSI APIs and services. Make the necessary changes regarding features, reliability, performance and security, before integration.

Key EBSI resources

Learning Package

Everything you need to know to start Piloting with EBSI: a set of tools, video tutorials and other materials that will help you use the Framework and guide you through the Pilot process.

EBSI Documentation

Discover in-depth documentation about EBSI’s architecture, the use cases, governance related information as well as legal and socio-economic analysis.

EBSI user community

Enables stakeholders to share experiences and engage with community members about the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure.

“New decentralised digital technologies such as blockchain offer a further possibility for both individuals and companies to manage data flows and usage, based on individual free choice and self-determination. Such technologies will make dynamic data portability in real time possible for individuals and companies, along with various compensation models.”

A European Strategy for data, 2020


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