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1. Current release

This page collects the resources for Domibus version 4.1.3, released in February 2020. 

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We are happy to announce the release of Domibus 4.1.3 sample implementation of the eDelivery Access Point.

The Domibus 4.1.3 includes a number of bug fixes, including:

  • Fixed payload encryption at start up of WebLogic cluster
  • Fixed subject for certificate imminent expiration alert
  • Fixed ListPendingMessages which returned messages in an intermediate state
  • CXF Mtom/XOP request contain wrong encoded Content-ID HTTP header

Domibus 4.1.3 is backwards compatible with 4.1.x and the upgrade is not mandatory. 


Quick Start Guide (pdf)
This guide allows the user to quickly get started with Domibus. After completing this document, you will have a local Domibus instance up and running locally on a Tomcat/MySQL environment.
Testing guide (pdf)
This document is intended for developers that want to perform a set of checks on their Domibus installation and testers that want to have a starting point to create their own test cases.
Interface Control Document of the default JMS (pdf)
The purpose of this document is to outline the JMS Data Format Exchange to be used as part of the default JMS backend plugin.
Interface Control Document of the default WS plugin (pdf)
This document describes the WSDL and the observable behaviour of the interface provided in the default WS plugin.
Interface Control Document of the File System plugin (pdf)
The purpose of this document is to outline the file system messages exchange as part of the default File System (FS) backend integration solution for the Domibus Access Point.
Administration Guide (pdf)
The purpose of this guide is to provide detailed information on how to deploy and configure Domibus on WebLogic, Tomcat and WildFly with MySQL and Oracle. It also provides detailed descriptions of related Security Configurations (Policies, Certificates, TLS Configuration), Message Filtering, PMode Configuration, Application Monitoring, Registration of custom plugins and Troubleshooting.
File System Plugin Administration Guide (pdf)
The purpose of this guide is to provide detailed information on how to configure and deploy the File System Plugin available in Domibus 3.3 and later versions.
Plugin cookbook (implementation manual) (pdf)
After reading this document the reader should be aware of the capabilities provided by the Domibus plugin system. Additionally a developer familiar with the AS4 protocol will be able to implement a plugin integrating an existing back office application into Domibus.
Domibus Software Architecture Document (pdf)
This document provides a comprehensive architectural overview of the system, using a number of different architectural views to depict individual aspects of the system.  It is intended to capture and convey the significant architectural decisions that have been made on the system.
REST services documentation
Documentation on the REST services.
Licence (pdf)
European Union Public Licence.

Migration from 4.1.2 to 4.1.3

In order to upgrade to Domibus 4.1.3 please update the file, install the domibus.war and replace the plugin(s) jar(s) into "domibus/conf/domibus/plugins/lib". 

For a more detailed description of the Domibus upgrade procedure click here.

Release note

Please find below the list of improvements and fixed bugs.

Fixed Bugs

  • EDELIVERY-5588] - Values in dropdown filters in Alerts page disappear after changing domains
  • [EDELIVERY-5834] - CXF Mtom/XOP request contain wrong encoded Content-ID HTTP header
  • [EDELIVERY-6053] - Domibus throws exception - Dynamic Scenario 2 test
  • [EDELIVERY-6062] - Test Service fails using pushAndPush binding
  • [EDELIVERY-6079] - Domibus 4.1.2 with Payload Encryption fails at start on WebLogic cluster
  • [EDELIVERY-6113] - Certificate Imminent expiration alert : subject null
  • [EDELIVERY-6155] - ListPendingMessages returns messages in an intermediate state
  • [EDELIVERY-6160] - Property is missing in sample file

Known issues and limitations

  • [EDELIVERY-2608] - Unable to use Admin Console in IE (not EDGE)
  • [EDELIVERY-3335] - Messages page: performance decrease when certain filters are applied on millions of messages
  • [EDELIVERY-3575] - UI admin console: user is logged out when logging-in in another tab
  • [EDELIVERY-3634] - Issue starting Tomcat/WildFly cluster the first time with an empty MySQL schema
  • [EDELIVERY-3250] - Improve sending a message to the same Access Point
  • [EDELIVERY-6200] - Domibus: print payload=false doesn't strip payload for retrieveMessage operation
  • [EDELIVERY-6377] - Issue on MySQL script: columns from TB_CERTIFICATE and TB_SEND_ATTEMPT tables are TIMESTAMP instead of DATETIME
  • [EDELIVERY-6575] - Error in logs for pull message exchange with multiple legs configuration
  • [EDELIVERY-6482] - Domibus does not log hibernate messages on Weblogic and Wildfly server if Hibernate loggers are set to 'debug' or 'trace' level 

For more information, please contact us via our portal or by e-mail:


eDelivery on Fiware
How to install the Access Point sample software on a FIWARE platform 

Last updated: 08 August 2019

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