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The CEF Telecom programme 2014-2020 has concluded. The CEF Digital platform is no longer being actively updated.

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Discover Context Broker

How to develop & deploy Context Broker

The CEF Context Broker Building Block is holding an introduction webinar on 18 february 2021.

Register for this webinar to discover Context Broker and gain insights on how Context Broker enables organisations (including but not limited to public administrations) to manage and share data in real-time describing “what is currently happening” within their organisations, in the real world they manage or where they run their daily business processes.

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About CEF Context Broker Building Block

A digital platform component that enables the integration of gathered data including insights for further exploitation. 

  • Data BrokerAssemble information from different systems, eventually belonging to different organisations, instead of having them perform in separate silos.
  • Leverage InvestmentsEnable the creation in the Digital Single Market (of portable and interoperable solutions) a data marketplace.
  • Easy DevelopmentReduce costs and time in the development of context information based platforms and solutions. Experience has shown that it is possible to create meaningful dashboards in a few days!

Context Broker is a standard-based API allowing users to collect, integrate and contextualise data in real time. It is often used by cities to track actions in real-time and then make real-time decisions.

Discover the SMEs expert's experience in the development and deployment of Context Broker:

"Interstat will define a technical framework to achieve interoperability in the field open statistical data, taking advantage from the CEF Context Broker capabilities and the implementation of ETSI NGSI-LD API specification." 

Martino Maggio - Senior Researcher at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA, Coordinator of INTERSTAT

"The CEFAT4Cities project is creating  a “Smart Cities natural language context ''-  a software layer that facilitates the conversion of natural-language administrative procedures into machine readable data sets - Integrating Context Broker and eTranslation Building Block. It  will allow  citizens and businesses to interact with public services on the city, national, regional and EU level in their own language."  

Joachim Van den Bogaert, CTO CrossLang, coordinator of CEFAT4Cities.


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CEF Context Broker

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Opening Session // Introduction


Introduction to CEF & Context Broker

Thomas Fillis - DG DIGIT

Context Broker in a nutshell 

Stefano de Panfilis - FIWARE

Testimony 1

INTERSTAT - Martino Maggio - Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpAg 

Testimony 2

CEFAT4Cities - Joachim Van den Bogaert - CrossLang

Closing Session // Q&A