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DSS v5.1 RC1

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DSS v5.1.RC1

This page collects the Digital Signature Service v5.1.RC1, released in June 2017. 

Download DSS v5.1.RC1

Source code and .tar.gz file available here

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Release Note


  • [DSS-1131] - PADES_BASELINE_LTA creates timestamp signature as visible
  • [DSS-1132] - Separate SignatureImageParameters for signature and document time stamp
  • [DSS-1135] - Error getting policyId
  • [DSS-1145] - Key length used to sign token smaller than in validation policy.
  • [DSS-1171] - CMSDocumentValidator created with CMSsignedData leads to exception
  • [DSS-1172] - Common Name (CN) wrong
  • [DSS-1188] - Wrong Signing Certificate extracted from CMS-NOT-ETSI
  • [DSS-1199] - File handle leak in ImageUtils
  • [DSS-1200] - Bad scaling of signature images
  • [DSS-1147] - ASiC-E containers with CAdES are not baseline containers
  • [DSS-1148] - ASiC-E containers with CAdES long term preservation is not correctly achieved
  • [DSS-1150] - Error generating ASIC-E with XAdES LT multiple input files


  • [DSS-1159] - Pades: Line breaks in signature text cannot be rendered
  • [DSS-1165] - Validation: upload only MessageDigest rather than original document
  • [DSS-1183] - PAdES : Support of signature fields
  • [DSS-1184] - PAdES : distinction of PAdES and PKCS7 signatures
  • [DSS-1185] - Demo Webapp : migrate from Apache Tiles to Thymeleaf
  • [DSS-1186] - Demo bundle : improvements
  • [DSS-1201] - Webservices for Server signing REST and SOAP
  • [DSS-1206] - DSS demo : use NexU 1.10.5
  • [DSS-1208] - DSS demo : migrate Spring xml config to java config


  • [DSS-1193] - Documentation for DSS Rest interface
  • [DSS-1203] - NoClassDefFoundError Could not initialize class eu.europa.esig.dss.utils.Utils
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