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DSS v4.7.RC2

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DSS v4.7.RC2

This page collects the Digital Signature Service v.4.7.RC2, released in September 2016. 

Download DSS v4.7.RC1

Source code is located at

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The release contains :

  • Bundle for demonstration
  • Source code

  1. Contributions can be proposed at this link.
  2. The artefacts can be found in the project's Maven repository
  3. A demonstration web application for signing a document and verifying a signature can be found at this link.

Release Notes


  • [DSS-806] - doesnt call httpClient.close();
  • [DSS-883] - TSLValidationJob refresh method does not revalidate country TSLs if only the LOTL changed
  • [DSS-890] - SimpleReport.isSignatureValid(String) fails to handle the new {{TOTAL_PASSED}} indication in 4.7.RC1
  • [DSS-893] - The pre-defined EU TSL signers from the EU TSL signers trust store in the DSS Demo Web Application (keystore.p12) cannot be deleted
  • [DSS-895] - Validation of a signature can influence the validation result of another signature
  • [DSS-915] - Fix detecting signature qualification level based on TL information (QSCD/SSCD check)
  • [DSS-918] - Validation fails for document with revoked signing certificate when ValidationLevel is set to LONG_TERM_DATA, but succeeds when ValidationLevel is ARCHIVAL_DATA
  • [DSS-922] - OCSP revocation errors are not included in simple report


  • [DSS-912] - DSS 4.7.RC1 does not build with JDK 7
  • [DSS-931] - Detection of out-dated dss keystore
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