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eSignature Services

Digital Signature Services (DSS)

Release candidate

Download DSS v5.6

Here, you can download the latest version of the Digital Signature Services open-source library released in March 2020. You can read more about DSS and how it can help you here.

Source code is available in .zip and tar.gz

Release note


  • [DSS-1955] - UnsupportedOperationException in getSignerRoles
  • [DSS-1956] - ClassCastException in DSSASN1Utils.getCertificatesHashIndex
  • [DSS-1957] - IllegalArgumentException in DSSASN1Utils.getTimeStampToken
  • [DSS-1958] - Infinite loop on CRL streaming
  • [DSS-1960] - DSS Demonstration displays TL as EXPIRED
  • [DSS-1977] - NULL character break the diagnostic data generation
  • [DSS-1978] - Uncatched exception in case of wrong date format
  • [DSS-1980] - Error extending to LT/LTA CAdES detached signatures with content time-stamp
  • [DSS-1981] - DSS demonstration webapp: wrong label
  • [DSS-1986] - Empty SignatureProductionPlaceV2 element in XAdES signatures created with the standalone application
  • [DSS-1987] - MIssing POE reference in BestSignatureTime validating signatures with an AllDataObjectTimestamp
  • [DSS-1988] - Possible POE incoherence in validation report of some T/LT SHA1 signatures


  • [DSS-1992] - Upgrade jackson dependencies


  • [DSS-1954] - Demo : add a warning in case of unsupported SubtleCrypto
  • [DSS-1969] - Confusing message in the validation report

Previous releases and security note

Find more information on the previous releases notes and on the security or navigate to the documentation section.

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