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Digital Signature Services (DSS)

1. Current release
2. Roadmap and previous releases

1. Current release

Download DSS v5.2

Here, you can download the latest version of the Digital Signature Services open-source library released in December 2017. You can read more about DSS and how it can help you here.

Source code is available in .zip and tar.gz

A pre-release for the upcoming version DSS v5.3 is available here.

Release Note

Bugs, issues or suggestions? Report it on JIRA


  • [DSS-921] - An archive-extended signature with relevant, but missing revocation information still validates OK (as XAdES_BASELINE_LTA)
  • [DSS-1102] - DSS CRL validation
  • [DSS-1149] - Error in the simple report of an invalid XAdES LTA signature with an invalid ArchiveTimestamp
  • [DSS-1155] - Missing check for OtherCriteria in critical Qualifications Extension in TSL
  • [DSS-1160] - Use of TrustedListsCertificateSource while signing
  • [DSS-1174] - XAdES manifest signature creation
  • [DSS-1212] - Error while retrieving expiredCertsOnCRL date
  • [DSS-1219] - Signing certificate validation material and archive-time-stamps
  • [DSS-1222] - Validation of time-stamp and archive-time-stamp produced at the same second
  • [DSS-1237] - Adding certificates does not work in DSS 5.1.RC1 demo web application and KeyStoreCertificateSource in general when using .p12
  • [DSS-1258] - XAdES countersignature verification not working
  • [DSS-1276] - Incorrect TSL processing causes old national TLs to be loaded
  • [DSS-1285] - Disable external DTDs


  • [DSS-798] - Allowed augmentation of XAdES detached signatures without providing the original file
  • [DSS-822] - RSASSA-PSS support
  • [DSS-1174] - XAdES manifest signature creation
  • [DSS-1211] - Avoid to load complete CRLs
  • [DSS-1221] - Simple validation report improvement for signatures with issues in time-stamps
  • [DSS-1228] - Add support of ServiceSupplyPoints
  • [DSS-1229] - PAdES : add rotation support for visible signatures
  • [DSS-1250] - DSS demo : allows to use secure cookies
  • [DSS-1251] - DSS demo : custom default error page

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