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Context Broker conformant solutions

This page lists Context Broker solutions conformant with the NGSI-LD standard for context information management. As for every CEF supported standard, the NGSI-LD specification is based on existing open standards and specifications, thus promoting interoperability and replicability of solutions across platforms. The specification is public and royalty-free, lowering the barrier to entry to the market, thus fostering competition and innovation. The specification has several open source reference implementations and supported by an active community. There is a sizable number of solutions providing NGSI compliant capabilities, which demonstrates market adoption by varied user groups, and a healthy competitive ecosystem. Here is a selection of the conformant solutions in place:


Orion was the first Context Broker implementation and stood at the cradle of the NGSI standard. It is adopted as the Context Broker Building Block by CEF and hence supported by the European Commission. Orion is accompanied by Cygnus, a sibling component focusing on transferring historical context data into multiple data sinks. The FIWARE Foundation is involved in the maintained in the maintenance of Orion. It is fully open source and freely available for all use. FIWARE Orion is considered by the market as the NGSI reference implementation, and the FIWARE Foundation has been a long-term and active member of the ETSI Context Information Management Industry Specification Group (CIM ISG). Orion owns the lion’s share of the Context Broker market. It is industry agnostic but mainly used by Smart Cities. Orion is currently still based on the earlier NGSIv2 API and not supporting the NGSI-LD API. However, it announced its ambitions to support both NGSIv2 and NGSI-LD APIs through the integration of the Orion-LD extension implementing NGSI-LD.

Sensinov is a Context Broker implementation built by Sensinov, a reportedly fast-growing IoT start-up mainly active in the Smart Buildings ecosystem. is a cloud-only open-source implementation of the NGSI-LD standard and was built by Sensinov as a stand-alone component. It could then be integrated in Sensinov’s Building Operating System to provide Energy Efficiency as a Service. Sensinov’s customers are mainly building or facility managers and supermarket chains, complemented with occasional Smart City projects.

Watch the presentation of the solution during the CEF live webinar "How can CEF's Context Broker be implemented by Smart Cities - 23 April 2020"

Scorpio NGSI-LD Broker by NEC

The Scorpio Broker is built by NEC Technologies India and NEC Laboratories Europe. It was released in 2019 as open source and is available under FIWARE as an incubated Generic Enabler. It is built to natively support the NGSI-LD standard and reportedly was the first Context Broker implementation to do so. Scorpio is a micro-service based and designed for scalability in the cloud, supporting centralised, distributed and federated deployments. Scorpio supports the temporal API to store history information like Cygnus. 

Watch the presentation of the solution during the CEF live webinar "How can CEF's Context Broker be implemented by Smart Cities - 23 April 2020"