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Thank you for your interest on CEF context broker!

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- cygnus-ld software and documentation at:

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more information on fiware technologies and initiatives at:

CEF Digital Context Broker Collect data from different sources and support smart decisions at the right time

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What is Context Broker?

Context Broker is a digital platform component that enables the integration of gathered data including insights for further exploitation.

Data Broker

Assemble information from different systems, eventually belonging to different organisations, instead of having them perform in separate silos.

Leverage investments

Enable the creation in the Digital Single Market (of portable and interoperable solutions) a data marketplace.

Easy Development

Reduce costs and time in the development of context information based platforms and solutions. Experience has shown that it is possible to create meaningful dashboards in a few days!

Who can benefit from Context Broker?

Public Administrations

Any public entity

Based on your specific needs and analyses, we can help you start making insightful, data-driven decisions.

Solution and service providers

Software and service providers

Our team has the tools and support you need to expand your offering around smart applications.


Technical enablers

We provide software components, documentation and a variety of support services to help you develop and design your smart application.

How to start using the solution

  1. Step 1

    Get familiar with current standards, based on the existing global specifications on how to contextualise data.

  2. Step 2

    Evaluate Context Broker in light of your specific goal. You can search the CEF Marketplace to discover Context Broker based solutions and get inputs for your analyses.

  3. Step 3

    Define your project’s scope, whether you need a data model to study and improve your organisation or you wish to develop and sell a smart app.

  4. Step 4

    Use our services to develop your solution! Our Onboarding Manager will help you detail each of these steps and set you in the right direction

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Implementing Context Broker

If you are ready to start working with Context Broker, we are just as ready to help you. The links below provide important information to begin the implementation.

We can help you implement Context Broker:

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How Context Broker works

Context Broker Flyer (PDF, 166Ko)

Get a deeper knowledge of Context Broker

Context Broker Brochure (PDF, 1,5Mo)

Context Broker comprehensive guide

Context Broker Guide (PDF, 860Ko)

“De4Bios describes how the biosurveillance system allowed us to monitor in real-time the pandemic spread, and provided us with data to predict its effects in advance. All this has allowed us to put in place preventive actions to govern the emergency system, avoiding further infections, containing the number of people who die and mainly saving lives.”

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Lorenzo Gubian Lorenzo Gubian, CIO Healthcare Department at Veneto region (Italy).

Context Broker FAQ

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Contact us and start your digital transformation

If you have any question regarding Context Broker, feel free to contact us or join our user community for further discussion and support.

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