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"Badajoz es mas" aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the region, implementing digital technologies to address the specific needs of public administrations and by extension, civil society. The benefits of modular, standard solutions and collaborative models like those promoted by the EC in its Digital Single Market strategy enable us to contribute to the economic growth of our cities. Thanks to the Context Broker we can integrate different services and have a holistic view on what is going on that help us in the decision making processes.

Jaime Gragera Rodriguez - Director of the Information Technology - OAR- Deputacion De Badajoz

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The CEF program will analyse the proposed use cases internally and ensure each use case is added to the potential list of extensions for the Building Block. The CEF program reserves the right to deliberate on the results and contact participants individually for any further information they may need. The workshop hosted by CEF is public to all members of the FIWARE Global Summit.