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Connecting Europe

The Connecting Europe Facility building blocks are available to help anyone who wants to build great European digital services for the public good.

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Building the digital single market

The digital arm of the Connecting Europe Facility improves daily lives of European citizens via investments in digital building blocks, cross-border digital infrastructures and broadband networks. It facilitates the cross-border interaction between public administrations, businesses or citizens. It promotes economic growth and supports the completion and functioning of the internal market, enhancing the competitiveness of the European economy. CEF supported projects help create and maintain a European ecosystem of interoperable and interconnected digital services, and thus help sustain the Digital Single Market.


Use a Digital Building Block

Reusable digital building blocks that help public and private sector teams deliver digital services faster and comply with regulation.


See Cross-Border Services

Digital services in sectors such as Justice, Health and Taxation built with help from the CEF Building Blocks.


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€1.04 billion is available to fund Digital Infrastructure projects under the CEF Programme for 2014-2020, apply now.


The latest figures on the CEF Building Blocks and Cross-Border Digital Infrastructures.


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Secure digital public services

We can only get the best out of the opportunities offered by digital tools, online networks and digital services if we trust them. People may hesitate to use digital services if they are not confident that they are reliable, safe and secure.

Mariya Gabriel
European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society


Backed by regulation

Europeans still face barriers when using (cross-border) online tools and services. This means that citizens miss out on goods and services and businesses miss out on market potential, while also governments cannot fully benefit from digital technologies. The EU’s Digital Single Market aims to overcome these challenges by creating the right environment for digital networks and services to flourish. This is not only achieved by setting the right regulatory conditions, but also by providing cross-border digital infrastructures and services.

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