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Smart Cities: We have the tools you need

Data is the future of our cities. Harness its power by building smart applications with the Context Broker.

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Become the city of tomorrow.

The cities of the future will need robust tools at their disposal in order to improve the lives of their citizens. Data has the power to enable cities to become truly smart about how they manage their operations. The ability to manage data helps them make better, more efficient and sustainable choices for tomorrow.

To do this, cities need to make sense of the gathered data starting with the Context Broker, then analyse it with BDTI, and finally store it for further insight thanks to eArchiving. The Connecting Europe Facility offers all the right Building Blocks and support to help you master your city's data and become the next Smart City in Europe.

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First things first: the Context Broker

Gathering data is one thing, but how do we make sense of all that information? Raw data is often hard to understand because it has not yet been given meaningful context. The Context Broker helps you centralise raw data and contextualise the information. This enables richer insights, and helps you break data silos. Think for instance of measuring air quality - sensors throughout the city will pick up readings. In order to make sense of them, you will need to know when and where that data comes from - that is context data. And to be able to make sense of the fluctuations in pollution, you may need additional data, such as traffic density, which can be formatted differently. The Context Broker allows you to break data silos by ensuring all data is understood within its context. Correlations can then be found - for example, between air quality and traffic during rush hour, allowing better decision-making on mobility.  

The Context Broker allows cities to gain richer insights by bringing together data from different sources. By enhancing the power of data, cities can develop smart applications for businesses, organisations and their cities.

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Better decision-making

The Context Broker allows you to make more informed decisions for your city, powered by data and strategic insights. It helps you build a holistic view of your city to better meet citizens' needs and achieve goals such as reducing pollution, improving mobility and other essential services to their daily lives.

Community and visibility

Choosing CEF's solutions means joining CEF's community of users. Improve your visibility on the European stage and foster strategic partnerships with other cities and software providers while simultaneously participating in the creation of the EU's Digital Single Market. 


The Context Broker is based on a European standard, NGSI-LD, guaranteeing cross-border and cross-sector interoperability. Concretely, this allows you to assemble information together across different systems, breaking data silos. When several cities implement the Context Broker, it creates the opportunity for collaboration.

"CEF Context Broker is an indispensable tool for medium-sized cities to develop services on a budget for high impact and end user satisfaction."

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Who can benefit from the Context Broker?

Public Administrations & entities

Based on your specific needs, we can help you start making insightful, data-driven decisions for your cities.

Solution, data & service providers

The Context Broker provides insight on data in real-time to enable the development of smart applications for businesses, organisations and cities.

Why use CEF for Smart Cities? 


Thanks to European Standards, our Building Blocks are compatible with existing systems and across borders, allowing the creation of digital ecosystems.


CEF ensures its Building Blocks are fully in line with European regulation. Additionally, data will be handled, shared and stored safely.

Proven in Practice

There are a number of smart cities already using CEF Building Blocks to effectively manage their data, from gathering to analysis. Learn more through our Success Stories.

CEF's Support

CEF's expertise helps you get a head start by providing a range of services from IT support and funding to stakeholder management. Get more information at our Help Desk.

CEF has every you need to get started right away

End-to-end implementation support

Easy experimentation with a Sandbox & data visualisation tool

Data models ready to reuse with access to open data sets

Compliant with EU Regulations and Standards

The Context Broker in action: discover our success stories!

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