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How should context data solutions be used to improve our daily lives?
Submit your creative idea and present it at the FIWARE Global Summit!

On the 21 of May 2019, the FIWARE Summit will host a workshop on how to expand use cases of context data solutions.
The workshop will be open to anyone willing to brainstorm about the topic.

We are looking for experts like you to participate to this workshop.
Do you have an idea on how context data solutions such as Context Broker should be used to improve or fix something?
Submit it and get a chance to participate in the FIWARE Summit!

Be creative, any domain and any cases are welcome.
The best five use cases will have the possibility to join us at the FIWARE Summit and will benefit from full reimbursement of travel expenses.

Workshop agenda

  • Presentation of CEF – Purpose of Program, Digital Single Market, Funding and benefits (10’)
  • Presentation of Context Broker – Benefits, Demo, example use cases (10’)
  • Exercise: In groups of 3 apply Context Broker to an issue you are familiar with – How do you think CB can be used to improve or fix something? Any domain, any use case is welcome (40’)
  • Presentation of the results in front of the jury (15’)
  • Discussion based on the results & Closing remarks (15’)

Context Broker. Empowering smart innovation.

Learn more about Context Broker here.

Context Broker in a short video


timeline120 Cities

120 - Number of cities using Context Broker in their smart city solution in 25 countries.


vertical_align_bottomDownload information

Download the Flyer and the Brochure.

“The Context Broker enabled the city of Barcelona to make smarter decisions to mitigate and reduce air pollution.”

Stefano de Panfilis, COO, FIWARE Foundation

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Context Broker developers' community

The goal of the CEF Context Broker open source developers' community, part of the larger FIWARE developers community, is to serve developers, users and the entire CEF Context Broker ecosystem by providing a set of open and shared resources to grow the footprint of CEF Context Broker. You can join the FIWARE developers community by clicking below.

Terms and conditions:

The CEF program will analyse the proposed use cases internally and ensure each use case is added to the potential list of extensions for the Building Block. The CEF program reserves the right to deliberate on the results and contact participants individually for any further information they may need. The workshop hosted by CEF is public to all members of the FIWARE Global Summit.