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CEF Building Blocks

Digital building blocks to help teams deliver digital public services faster, comply with regulation and make the digital single market a reality.

The building blocks

The building blocks are basic capabilities that can be reused in any project to facilitate the delivery of digital public services across borders and sectors.

Data Value Chain

The Data Value Chain will provide an integrated set of CEF Building Blocks mapped into a number of tools and components, implementing standards and open API specifications, covering the whole process of data collection and treatment.  This will allow European public administrations to leverage the potential of the data collected and stored.


Connecting Europe: CEF Building Blocks Presented at eDelivery Day in Sweden


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Success Stories

The CEF building blocks offer real value by offering a set of building blocks that projects can use to deliver a secure end-to-end solution.

Vincent Dijkstra
Project Lead Business Register Interconnection System,
European Commission

Latest Reuse Statistics

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The building blocks are based on market-driven open standards to help teams design digital services that promote open source development and comply, as much as possible with international and European standards and market-driven open technical specifications to avoid vendor/technology lock-in.

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