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Big Data and Analytics Software Catalogue

About the service

This service provides a catalogue of open-source analytical software tools that users will be able to download for implementing big data solutions. European Public Administrations that would like to experiment the open-source solutions from the catalogue for their specific data analytics use case, can apply to run a pilot project on the BDTI test infrastructure service.

The tools available through this service will be continuously updated and extended, following their source distribution. Would you have a suggestion for a new software tool to be added to the catalogue? Requests for additions can be made using the BDTI service desk.

Who can use the service?

This service is available to European Public Administrations that have an interest in testing analytics tools and standards to harness the potential of their data. In general, the key users of this service are:

  • Policymakers, who can be supported by a dedicated specialised team to implement and execute the big data pilot using a ready-to-use big data platform, employing pre-built analytical functionalities to save costs and time.
  • IT practitioners, who can be supported with a ready-to-use big data platform, respecting privacy policies and using open source tools.
  • Data analysts, who have the possibility to easily run analytics and create knowledge from several data sets, using a variety of analytics tools and technologies.

Benefits of using the service 

For Public Administrations in Europe, the main benefits of this service are the possibility to:

  • get easy access to open-source analytical software tools;
  • gain better insight into the available analytical software tools and their use cases;
  • reduce the time for searching for information about open-source analytical software tool, by accessing the centralised repository maintained by BDTI;
  • get the possibility to experiment with the selected open-source analytical software tools by requesting to run a pilot project on the BDTI test infrastructure, to build a data analytics use case that brings value to your organisation.