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Big Data Test Infrastructure

Helping public administrations experiment with their big data for insights that lead to better decisions and strategic moves.


Webinar series

We are holding a series of webinars on the Context Broker and Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI)If you’re a municipality or public administration eager to learn more about using data to make smarter decisions, these webinars are for you! 

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Public Administrations

Public sector entities and agencies

How we can help you discover new ways to draw data-driven insight for strategic decision making.


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“Only by supporting a Data Economy in each step of the Data Value Chain can we help build the next generation of European digital public services.”

Andrea Servida, DG CNECT

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Big Data Community

This service aims at building a big data community where users can share knowledge and big data artefacts (e.g. methodologies, statistical models, pilot outcomes and datasets). It also provides an innovation portal where users can contribute with their own ideas in order to launch new pilot proposals.

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