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CEF eDelivery: Domibus 4.2.3 release is now available

The European Commission is happy to announce that the 4.2.3 release of the Domibus AS4 sample implementation software is now available. The Domibus 4.2.3 release includes a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The upgrade from 4.2.x to Domibus 4.2.3 is strongly encouraged. Domibus 4.2.3 is backward compatible with 4.2.x versions.

Supported platforms:

  • Application servers:
    WildFly 20.0.x
    WebLogic (tested version, future versions might work)
    Apache Tomcat 9.0.x
  • Database:
    MySQL 8 (future versions might work)
    Oracle 12c R2 and Oracle 19c
  • JAVA:
    Oracle JRE8 (for WildFly, Tomcat  and WebLogic)
    Oracle OpenJDK 11 up to version (only for WildFly and Tomcat, not for WebLogic)

For a more detailed description of the Domibus upgrade, please click here.

The eDelivery Building Block

eDelivery is a building block that provides technical specifications and standards, installable software and ancillary services to allow projects to create a network of nodes for secure digital data exchange.

Domibus is the sample software provided by the European Commission to implement an eDelivery AS4 Access Point for the interoperable, secure and reliable exchange of data. It is based on the eDelivery AS4 profile, an open technical specification for the secure, web-based, payload-agnostic exchange of data or documents.

Last updated on  Aug 12, 2021 17:17

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