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CEF Building Block Dashboards Update, Q4 2020

The European Commission is happy to publish the first Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Building Block update of 2021. The European Commission updated these dashboards with data from Q4 2020 and below includes a number of interesting highlights concerning the continued and expanding reuse of the CEF Building Blocks.

The latest figures show a 5% increase in the number of projects reusing Building Blocks. 325 projects in Q4 2020 compared to 317 for Q3 2020.

Per Building Block

European Blockchain Services Infrastructure:

  • 30% increase in the number of countries which have deployed at least one operational EBSI node (17 in Q4 2020 compared to 13 for Q3 2020) for a total of 25 nodes (compared to 18 for Q3 2020).


  • 10% increase in the number of exchanged documents sent through eDelivery access points. (491 million documents in Q4 2020 compared to 444 million for Q3 2020).
  • 6% increase in the number of Service Metadata Publishers deployed. (151 SMPs deployed in Q4 2020 compared to 142 for Q3 2020).
  • 4 new projects now reuse eDelivery.
    • The ECHA is regularly exchanging confidential information with Member States administrations (Poison Centres).
    • The Joint Research Centre in Ispra is the third biggest European Commission site after Brussels and Luxembourg is currently replacing the current eInvoicing solution to a more modern platform (based on PEPPOL interoperability).
    • The ICS2 programme in DG TAXUD launched a new customs pre-arrival security and safety programme underpinned by a large-scale advanced cargo information system using AS4.
    • E-Evidence allows and facilitates the exchange of criminal evidence and related information between competent authorities in the Member States.


  • 30% increase in the number of translation requests processed by eTranslation. (328 million translations in Q4 2020 compared to 252 million for Q3 2020).

Public Open Data:

  • 40% increase in the number of participants to Context Broker webinars compared to last quarter from 92 to 129.
  • 263% increase of the number of visits to the Big Data and Analytics Software catalogue page (from 97 to 353). In addition to this, there was a 273% increase of the number of visits to the Data Source Catalogue page (from 69 to 258).


  • 7% increase in the number of downloads of the Digital Signature Services Libraries. (35,556 total downloads in Q4 2020 compared to 33,158 for Q3 2020)
  • 4% increase in the number of active Qualified Trust Service Providers. (200 active Qualified Trust Service Providers in Q4 2020 compared to 192 for Q3 2020)
  • 2 new projects now reuse eSignature.
    • Wifi4EU, a connectivity initiative under the CEF umbrella that aims at facilitating free Wi-Fi connectivity for citizens and visitors in public spaces - parks, squares, public building, libraries, health centres, museums, etc. – everywhere in Europe.
    • One additional anonymous DSS reuser.

Consult the CEF Monitoring Dashboard directly to see all the latest facts and figures around CEF Building Block reuse.

Last updated on  Mar 30, 2021 19:03

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