European Blockchain Services Infrastructure v1 -  documentation published

The European Commission is happy to publish the documentation accompanying the first version of the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI).

The EBSI will consist of a network of distributed nodes across Europe – the blockchain infrastructure – leveraging an increasing number of applications focused on specific use cases.

This documentation is for public administrations that needs to host an EBSI node or to start a pilot project integrating applications to the EBSI using specific APIs. This documentation covers a variety of topics, including the EBSI's architecture and governance, current use cases, technical documentation as well as legal and socio-economic reports.

As a critical cross-border infrastructure, the EBSI is a CEF Building Block, providing reusable software, specifications, and services to support the adoption by public administrations, businesses and citizens. The EBSI allows public administrations in Europe the potential to revolutionise the way that citizens, governments and businesses interact, by enhancing trust between entities and improving the efficiency of operations.

Last updated on  Aug 05, 2020 11:10

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