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CEF eSignature: Trusted List Conformance Boosting Campaign for TLSOs, June 2020!

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In the beginning of June 2020 the CEF eSignature Team will start the TL Conformance Boosting Campaign.

This campaign aims at reducing the number of non-conformances present in the Trusted Lists. The focus will be on the resolution of one targeted error across all Trusted Lists. Interested Trusted List Scheme Operators (TLSOs) can contact us and express their wish to participate. 

CEF eSignature

Qualified trust services provided in Europe (e.g. issuance of qualified certificates for electronic signatures or seals, qualified timestamping services) are listed in national Trusted lists in all EU and European Economic Area Member States.

The trusted lists can include both qualified trust services and non-qualified trust services. Qualified trust services must be included on a national trusted list to be qualified, while it is up to each Member State whether – and which – non-qualified trust services to include in their trusted list.

The Member States' TLSOs can create and edit a trusted list in a standard, machine-readable format using the Trusted List Manager, a service of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) eSignature Building Block.

The CEF eSignature Building Block helps public administrations and businesses to accelerate the creation and verification of electronic signatures across borders. It provides the DSS open-source library for the construction of signing solutions; the Trusted List Browser, helping you find a Trust Service Provider; e-signature validation tests and a dedicated service desk (including a support desk for the closed community of national TLSOs).

Last updated on  May 27, 2020 14:59

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