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Да! CEF eTranslation now translates to and from Russian!

The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) eTranslation Building Block can now process requests between English (EN) and Russian (RU). eTranslation provides high-quality machine translation for the 24 official languages of the EU, Icelandic and Norwegian.

The EN↔RU engine is the first of a series of engines that will translate in a more colloquial style than the more formal language engines, built on the copious translation memories produced by the translators of the EU institutions over the past decades.

You can find it by choosing the “General text” domain on the interface, as shown below.

CEF eTranslation provides a machine translation system that is aware of the correct terminology and style for different contexts;

  • Draws upon decades worth of work by EU translators (over 1 billion sentences in the 24 official EU languages (plus Icelandic and Norwegian) thus capable of understanding specific EU policy and legal terminology).
  • Designed to retain the format of structured documents during translation.
  • Can translate multiple documents to multiple languages at once.

It also allows for easy access to the machine translation service for both people and machines and guarantees continuous service of high quality, with due consideration for the confidentiality and security of data during the translation process.

You can use eTranslation as a stand-alone translation service (for government officials in public administrations in the EU) or integrated into any public sector website, from local administrations to pan-EU projects.

The Commission is also working towards other non-EU languages coverage towards economically, scientifically and socially relevant languages (such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Turkish).

Last updated on  Feb 21, 2020 12:01

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