eTranslation presented during the European Commission Knowledge Week 2019

The 2019 European Commission Knowledge Week took place on the 30 September – 4 October 2019. The aim of the 5-day event was to bring together staff members of the European Commission interested in innovative results, better policymaking, collaborative working practices, organisational learning and lifelong learning.

On 2 October 2019, at the “Lunchtime talk on eTranslation”, the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology and the Directorate-General for Translation presentedeTranslation. eTranslation is the Commission’s machine translation tool, designed for security and EU staff needs. The participants were able to learn about the possibilities that it offers, how it can be used, and then were shown a practical demonstration and an explanation of how computers learn to translate.

While the eTranslation is the European Commission’s internal machine translation tool, through Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), the Commission promotes it externally as a free tool to businesses and other public administrations in the EU Member States.

CEF eTranslation can be integrated and implemented into an online site or service, by making it multilingual.

CEF eTranslation is a machine translation tool, which draws upon decades worth of work by EU translators and is designed to retain the format of structured documents during translation. It can translate multiple documents to multiple languages at once and guarantees continuous service of high quality, with due consideration for the confidentiality and security of data during the translation process.

CEF eTranslation is built using cutting-edge neural network technology. This AI-based machine learning approach examines the full context of a sentence to produce highly fluent, readable, and almost human-like translations.

Through CEF eTranslation, citizens and businesses can benefit from a wider range of digital public services in Europe, regardless of their language ability.

Learn more about the use of eTranslation by projects like this by reading the eTranslation Success Stories.


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