Update to CEF eInvoicing Conformance Testing

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As of 31 October 2019, users can access the Conformance Testing services of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) eInvoicing Building Block via EU Login, the single access point for European Commission services.

The Conformance Testing service allows solution & service providers and public entities to check conformance of their eInvoicing solution against the European standard on eInvoicing (EN16931) in a specific syntax (the structure of the electronic message containing the invoice).

If you are a solution & service provider or public entity, this service helps you ensure compliance with the European standard on eInvoicing, mandatory since 18 April 2019.

The European Commission funds the Conformance Testing service through the CEF eInvoicing Building Block. In addition, CEF eInvoicing currently offers public and private sectors on-site eInvoicing Trainings and Workshops; supporting webinars; a User Community hosting online discussions, a Registry of supporting artefacts to implement European standard.

Until now, users of the Conformance Testing service received a specific user-account from the CEF eInvoicing Service desk. As from 31 October 2019, users can authenticate with EU Login. EU Login is the authentication service of the European Commission and other EU Institutions that is secure and ensures the confidentiality of the user credentials.

You can swiftly create your EU Login here:

The European standard on eInvoicing supports the internal market by making it possible for sellers to send invoices to many customers by using a single eInvoicing format and thus not having to adjust their sending and/or receiving parameters to connect with individual trading parties.

The mass adoption of eInvoicing within the EU leads to significant economic benefits and an increase in European business competitiveness. Supported by European legislation, acceptance of eInvoices by governments makes it easier to do business with the public sector and supports the wider digitalisation of the procurement process.

Last updated on  Oct 24, 2019 11:39

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