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Recording Live: Webinar on the Data Building Blocks for Smart Cities

The European Commission is happy to publish the recording of the recent CEF Webinar on the Data Building Blocks for Smart Cities.

We've published eight separate recordings of the various presentations to help you find the most relevant parts. You can also download the webinar sides and see the CEF Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI) and Context Broker promo videos.

Context Broker and BDTI can help you make sense of the data available through your city's information systems, and make the right decisions to improve the public services you offer to your citizens.  This webinar presented funding opportunities  of the  Public Open Data Call for Proposals , which opened on 4 July 2019 and close on 14 November 2019.

The team were especially delighted to include a presentation by Faubourg Numérique, organised through our partners Open and Agile Smart Cities (OASC). This presentation looked at how the CEF Context Broker helps the French city of Saint-Quentin, together with Bruges and Mechelen in Belgium and Delft in the Netherlands, create value and better services for their city and citizens supported by innovative public procurement procedures, interoperable solutions, opening up data and an open data platform.

Context Broker is a standard-based API allowing users to collect, integrate and contextualise near real-time data. BDTI is a testing infrastructure offering virtual environment templates to explore and experiment with various data sources, software tools and big data techniques.

These two Building Blocks together form part of the CEF “Data Value Chain”.

For those interested in the interoperable storage of data, you can simplify long-term access to information with the CEF eArchiving Building Block, a technical solution for developers that need to migrate, preserve and reuse data.

To build a Digital Single Market in succeeding, the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme is funding key digital infrastructure, known as Building Blocks. The CEF Building Blocks offer basic capabilities that are reusable in any European project to facilitate the delivery of digital public services across borders and sectors. Currently, there are eight Building Blocks: Big Data Test Infrastructure, Context Broker, Archiving, eDelivery, eID, eInvoicing, eSignature and eTranslation.

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