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Spanish Via Oberta

Via Oberta facilitates the transmission of electronic data and documents of Catalan citizens and businesses among public entities across Spain.

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Via Oberta encompasses the services developed to facilitate the telematic transmission of data and electronic documents among the administrations and, in general, among public institutions and entities, enabling the substitution of the provision of certificates and other documents in paper by the interested parties.

OOP aspect

The administrations that use the services of Via Oberta have a channel to obtain, by electronic means, the data and / or documents held by other public institutions, when these data and documents are necessary for administrative processing, instead of asking the citizens to provide the data / documents themselves.



DomainPublic matter
Nature and status of project Rolled Out
Is the OOP case/enabler mandatory? Opt-in

Enabling assets or components

Political commitment
Via Oberta is in full compliance with the right of citizens and companies not to provide the data and documents that are open to public administrations recognized by Law 11/2007 of June 22, electronic access of citizens to public services (art.6.2, letter b) and Law 26/2010 on the legal regime and procedure of the public administrations of Catalonia (article 25.4).

Motivations, benefits, public value
Both the administrations, as well as society in general, earn:
- Citizens and companies save in their procedures with the administration, not having to supply and provide documentation that is already in the possession of other public institutions.
- Public institutions save, because they are released from the administrative and economic burden of issuing certificates 'on paper' and because the automation of access to data by the administrations that process translates into a decrease of errors in the data and in files that incorporate truthful and up-to-date information, with the consequent procedural economy that this represents.

Therefore, the intensive use of the services of Via Oberta allows not only to comply with the law, but to gain efficiency and competitiveness, save money and at the same time be more respectful with the environment.

Data handling / data exchange

Type of data sharing

Actual data


Data handler 

Stakeholder type
Consortium Administració Oberta de Catalunya (AOC Consortium)Government
Public AdministrationsGovernment

Benefits for involved actors

943 have joined the Convention (789 town councils, which represent 97.3% of the Catalan population)


Disclaimer: Please note that this article is a result of the SCOOP4C Pilot Project, not an application of a CEF Building Block.

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