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Italian Online Service Portal - Healthcare booking system

The Online Service Portal offers to the citizens of the FVG Region the opportunity to access to a number of healthcare, registry and tax-related services switching from one service to the other without inserting multiple times data related to the same event.

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The Online Service Portal offers to the citizens of the FVG Region the opportunity to access to a number of healthcare, registry and tax-related services, authenticating to a single access point and switching from one service to the other without inserting multiple times data related to the same event. In particular, citizens can: 
- book a healthcare service provided they have the (paper or digital) medical prescription; 
- consult the waiting lists of all public and affiliated healthcare providers in the Region; 
- choose the provider and manage the appointment (e.g., changing structure and/or date); 
- receive an SMS with the detailed booking log; 
- pay online for the healthcare service; later on, access to the healthcare report online (when available from the ); 
- change GP/pediatrician;
- obtain certifications from the registry (family composition, residence, ...);
- pay for school canteen service and check the payment status;
- access tax documents and check the payment status.

URLRegional health service


Start date

1 Jul 2005





Country Italy
Nature and status of projectRolled Out
Is the OOP case/enabler mandatory? Opt-in


Political commitment
Title of document:
- SISSR (Regional Social Healthcare Information System) plan, issued by Regional Government

Type of commitment:
- Insiel, as in house company, has a specific framework agreement with the Friuli

The Regional Government, through the Regional Information System Department, monitors the implementation of the annual operational plan and its compliance with the Strategic Plan.

Legal interoperability
1. Title of document:
- Digital Administration Law (Law Decree n. 82/2005)
1.1 URL:
1.2 Explanation:
- This is a national law establishing the legal basis for all Italian public administrations who deliver digital services. The law defines the technical and governance requirements to ensure secure access to personal/healthcare data (for the citizens and other actors, e.g. the GP), for data protection in the different domains, in compliance with the national Law on data treatment (n. 196/2003). 

2. Title of document:
Regional Government Decree 180 DD. 3.2.2006
2.1 URL:
2.2 Explanation:
- Regional Laws approving the launch of the Regional Service Card, its distribution to citizens and the use to access online services.

3. Title of document:
- Regional implementation plan of national booking systems plan
3.1 URL:
3.2 Explanation:
With this document, the Regional Government adopts as a priority of the regional healthcare plan the reduction of waiting times to access to public healthcare services.

Data handling / data exchange

Type of data sharing

Actual data

Data handler

Stakeholder nameStakeholder type

Stakeholder role

Region FVGGovernmentData subject
InsielBusinessData provider
CitizensCitizenData consumer
MunicipalitiesGovernmentDatabase owner
Income Revenue AuthorityGovernmentDatabase owner

Further stakeholders
Data shared by the stakeholders:

- Personal data (included fiscal code and contact data);
- Healthcare providers data
- Healthcare services list
- Waiting time of the healthcare services
- Availability calendar of each healthcare provider,
- Prescription code;
- Financial data (healthcare service price list)
- Healthcare reports

The online service portal aggregates different online services, an example is the booking of healthcare services. The logical flow, in this case, is as follows:
- the user inserts the prescription code: the system recognizes the prescribed examination and the user fiscal code and redirects the user to the calendar of available dates for the examination in the regional healthcare structures
- the user selects date and structure: the system allocates the date in the centralised booking system and generates a booking code. The examination can now be paid by the user.
Once this procedure is complete, the user can change the date of the booked examination or pay for it, just communicating the booking code.
Alternatively, by authenticating to the online service portal with the CRS, the user accesses:
- the list of booked examinations

External impacts
The transition from the “traditional procedure”, based on paper use and physical relationship between public administration and citizens, to a “digital procedure” needs a political commitment that includes the will to adopt new regulations and to invest in IT infrastructure, IT services and information campaign for citizens. Moreover, on one side it is crucial to enable public operators and citizens to use a new procedure, through needed devices and training or instructions, on the other side it is crucial to implement a cultural campaign to communicate to the target groups, in this case, the citizens, that the new procedure guarantees the same data protection, the same quality of data as in the traditional procedure, so it is crucial to establish a new form of “trust” between citizens and Public Authority.
Lessons learned
The lessons learned are: to push the use of the online procedure it is necessary to tailor the information campaign for different target groups of citizens. The citizens that usually use the Internet and social media will be reached more easily than those don’t use the Internet and IT devices. It is crucial to organize the information campaign through the involvement of all stakeholders (GPS, pharmacies, public help desks) as a facilitator to mainstreaming the new procedure.


Disclaimer: Please note that this article is a result of the SCOOP4C Pilot Project, not an application of a CEF Building Block.

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