Romanian Presidency 2019: European Archivist Group and CEF eArchiving meeting

EAG meeting in Bucharest, Romania 6 June 2019 

In order to be available over the long-term, digital information has to be regularly migrated between generations of software, bringing about issues of cost and risks concerning the authenticity and integrity of data. The European Commission's CEF eArchiving team strives to continuously develop, and improve the CEF eArchiving Building Block. In this context, the team attended the 26th European Archivist Group (EAG) meeting in Bucharest, Romania on 6 of June 2019.

The EAG, as CEF eArchiving Building Block's expert group, provides advise and overall strategic input to the Building Block. The EAG consists of one representative per Member State national archive and facilitates cooperation and coordination.

At this meeting, Fulgencio Sanmartin, the CEF eArchiving Building Block owner, and Kelly Liljemo, head of the CEF Stakeholder Management Office in the Commission, presented the CEF programme and status of the Building Block to the EAG.

The EAG decided to establish an EAG subgroup to produce guidance on 'archiving by design'. The Building Block programme will support their work in the future. 

In addition, Jan Dalsten Sørensen, head of digital preservation in the Danish National Archive, and Ricard Pérez Alcázar, Programming and Archival Coordination in the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport, presented how CEF eArchiving is applied in their respective national context. These two practical use case presentations,  of how the roadmap to digital preservation can look like, helped EAG members to understand how to apply eArchiving. 

Interested to learn more about CEF eArchiving . The minutes of the EAG meeting are available to the public. 

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