Publication of the eArchiving Building Block technical specifications


The European Commission is happy to publish updated technical specifications for the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) eArchiving Building Block.

Karin Bredenberg, Activity 2 lead on behalf of the whole CEF eArchiving team from the National Archives of Sweden, noted:

"The DILCIS Board is proud to announce the official release of the next generation of E-ARK specifications! The new releases include a number of bug fixes and other updates which were only possible thanks to the huge amount of valuable feedback from the archival community in early 2019! We would like to thank you all and welcome everyone to both use and contribute to the specifications!"

The specifications can be found here:

“Common Specification for information Packages (CSIP)”

Textual document online:


XML: and


Textual document online:  


XML: and


Textual document online:



Textual document online:



 “Common Specification for Electronic Records Management Systems”

CS ERMS specification as pdf:


XML-schema documentation pdf:

“Common Specification for Geospatial data”

CS Geospatial data as pdf:

“Common Specification SIARD”

More work is going to occur with SIARD. Comments have been gathered during the review:

SIARD format 2.1 (English):

SIARD format 2.1 (German):

SIARD format XML-schema:

Last updated on  Jun 04, 2019 17:20

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