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CEF BDTI Webinar: Experiment with Big Data - Download the Materials

On the 19 of March 2019, the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI) team in the European Commission held a webinar on experimenting with Big Data in the public sector.

Data is a strategic asset, and all governments should be able to leverage on it. In the public sector, data is used to inform and shape the views of countless policymakers, politicians, public sector officers, academics and guide millions of euros worth of investment. However, as digital data expands and becomes more complex, information management becomes more complex as well.

The European Commission, through the CEF Digital programme, offers the BDTI Building Block to support you when testing Big Data. CEF BDTI services are free of charge, cross-border, open-source and tested.

Visit the event page to download the slides and see the recordings.

Last updated on  Apr 24, 2019 14:44

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