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CEF Context Broker - Increase in adoption


The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Context Broker Building Block closed 2018 with a steady increase in the download of the Context Broker software. Compared to August, figures highlight a steady monthly increase throughout Q3 and Q4 in 2018. The download of Context Broker documentation increased by 27.6% from August to September,  49.5%  from September 2018 to October 2018 and 31.7% from October to November. The Context Broker software saw an increase of 652% downloads from October to November. 

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The CEF Context Broker enables organisations (including but not limited to public administrations) to manage and share data in real-time describing “what is currently happening” either within their organisations, in the real world they manage or where they run their daily business processes. Thus, for example, Smart Cities can share information about what is happening in streets (e.g., traffic status, quality of air data, available parking slots or location).

The Context Broker has enabled transformative European-level projects helping to solve issues such as air pollution in European cities.

Technically, the CEF Context Broker is composed by two major software components: the Orion Context Broker component, which implements the core Context Broker functionality itself, and the Cygnus component, which complements Orion. Cygnus captures updates on context information managed by the Orion Context Broker and produces a stream of context data history that can then be stored into a specific persistent data sink storage, such as MySQL, MongoDB, Flink or HDFS for further processing or CKAN for Open Data publication.

The FIWARE Community has also developed several components enabling the publication of real-time/API data resources (NGSI datasets) in data publication portals like CKAN. It also has developed components enabling the monetisation of datasets, including real-time/API datasets.

Last updated on  Jan 25, 2019 15:37

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