CEF eInvoicing Implementation Workshops: Discover how eInvoicing is Connecting Europe

European Commission, 2017

The European Commission is offering implementation workshops exploring the benefits of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) eInvoicing building block and Directive 2014/55/EU on electronic invoicing in public procurement.

According to Directive 2014/55/EU, by the end of 2018 Member States will need to ensure that contracting authorities and contracting entities receive and process electronic invoices. The Directive also mandates the development of a European standard on eInvoicing to be published in the second quarter of 2017.

The CEF eInvoicing building block offers a range of services to support Public Entities in their eInvoicing projects, and facilitate interoperability between contracting parties in Europe. The provision of implementation workshops is one of these services.

The implementation workshops may be requested by Public Entities or Businesses that need to implement the European standard on eInvoicing. They are provided in English and are offered on-site (in your country) or remotely (online). The contents can be tailored to the specific needs of those requesting them, with a duration ranging from half a day to two days. In addition, the workshops are available at no cost but on a first-come first-served basis. However, the host Member State would be in charge of logistics (including provision of facilities) and to identify and invite participants from both private and public sector.

Different implementation workshops are available to promote the uptake of electronic invoicing, the European standard and other relevant CEF building blocks. The workshop modules on CEF eInvoicing will assess the needs for implementation of the European standard on eInvoicing in the national contexts and will focus on the information below:

  • Lessons learned and success stories from early adopters of eInvoicing solutions, presenting the benefits of eInvoicing from a user's perspective;
  • The European standard, its compliant syntaxes and their conversion and validation mechanisms;
  • Grant funding for eInvoicing projects;
  • Other resources and tools from the CEF eInvoicing building block (e.g. the eInvoicing Readiness Checker).

The workshops will be offered between May 2017 and March 2018. 

To request an implementation workshop on CEF eInvoicing and discuss further practical details, please send an email to CEF-BUILDING-BLOCKS@ec.europa.eu.

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