New figures published on the CEF Dashboard

European Commission, 2017


The latest quarterly figures about the CEF Digital 2018 Service Infrastructure (DSIs) show that their adoption is rising steadily. These figures can be consulted directly on the CEF Dashboard.


In addition to updated figures for the last quarter of 2016, this release includes new datasets for the European e-Justice Portal, eSignature and numerous fix and tweaks.




The latest addition for eSignature is the number of Qualified Trust Service Providers providing the Qualified Certificates necessary for eSignature.


Furthermore, the dashboard also now provides information on the uptake of the Find a Lawyer, Find a Notary, European Case Law Identifier and Insolvency Registers Interconnection pages of the European e-Justice Portal DSI.


Finally, more projects have taken their first steps towards reusing CEF building blocks. You can monitor this progress directly via the CEF Reuse Watch.




The European Commission updates the CEF Dashboard on a quarterly basis with new data and features to improve the visibility on the progress made by the DSIs and enhance transparency.


To find out more, visit, the CEF Dashboard, CEF Digital 2018 or visit the European e-Justice Portal.



Last updated on  Mar 27, 2017 12:38

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