FIWARE Open Day - the Community Around the Creation of Digital Services Across Europe

European Commission, 2017

 The FIWARE Open Day, held in Brussels on 7 March 2017, was a networking opportunity for industrial players, start-ups, researchers, developers and public actors involved in the creation of digital services across Europe. 

By bringing together stakeholders from different sectors, this event supported the development of the FIWARE ecosystem in the fields of Agri-food, Smart Cities and Industry sectors, among others. Aiming to the development of the Digital Single Market, by building open sustainable ecosystem around public, royalty-free and implementation-driven software platform standards, this FIWARE event was a unique opportunity to discuss the journey for the creation of a new ecosystem for growth, business and jobs in Europe.


The European Commission was invited to present the CEF building blocks at the FIWARE Open Day, in the context of increased collaboration between CEF eDelivery and FIWARE.


In addition, the European Commission is happy to announce the recent publication of the CEF eDelivery FIWARE Lab guidance paper. Part of the CEF eDelivery "Training and Deployment" services, the guidance paper provides some "hands-on experience" of implementing CEF eDelivery.


For more information on the CEF building blocks and how the European Commission and Member States are working to #ConnectEurope digitally, visit CEF Digital 2018.


Last updated on  Mar 14, 2017 17:05

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