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Now Live: CEF eInvoicing Readiness Checker

31 January 2017

The European Commission is happy to announce the latest edition to the services provided by the CEF eInvoicing building block: the eInvoicing Readiness Checker. 

This service allows public entities to check their level of readiness to exchange eInvoices in compliance with Directive 2014/55/EU (on eInvoicing in public procurement). Furthermore, the service offers service & solution providers an opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities in implementing eInvoicing solutions. There are many reasons to adopt eInvoicing, from reducing costs for economic operators to reducing the environmental impact of paper-based invoices. The Directive prevents the continued proliferation of eInvoicing standards and syntaxes coexisting in the Member States, leading to increased complexity in term of cross-border interoperability.


What does the eInvoicing Readiness Checker offer?

• Repository of service & solution providers looking to provide their services to public entities and suppliers

• Self-Assessment tool to understand what actions they need to undertake to be compliant with the eInvoicing Directive

• Lessons Learned & Success Stories, helping all users to find references and consult other user’s experiences to help them in their eInvoicing projects

• Country profiles to give a global overview of the status / policy framework of eInvoicing in a given Member State, as well as the relevant legislation in place

Public Entities - How do I Get Started?

In order to take the Self-Assesment you will need to create a profile. You will be asked to submit standard information on the nature of your administration, awareness of eInvoicing in general, the nature of the eInvoicing required by your administration and what other services are available to you. Having created a profile, you will be able to look through the repository for service & solution providers relevant to your needs. (*Please note that you be asked to create an EU Login account (formerly ECAS), if you do not already have one.)

Service or Solution Provider - How do I Get Started?

In order to get your organisation listed for entities needing support in finding an eInvoicing solution you will need to create a profile. In addition, you will be able to view the profiles of public entities from across Europe. Creating your profile is easy, simply visit the eInvoicing Readiness Checker and enter your general information, company details contact information and relevant offices.

Help Spread the Word!

The more Public Entities and Service & Solution Providers with profiles on the the eInvoicing Readiness Checker, the more a community and network and develop, supporting those legally required to comply with the Directive, and showcase the capabilities of eInvoicing Service & Solution providers.

Today, 11 Public Entities and 29 Solution & Service Providers have already signed up!

Suppliers also stand to gain, being able to consult the repositories of public entities and solution & service providers! So please share  the eInvoicing Readiness Checker far-and-wide, supporting the uptake of eInvoicing, and working to create a digitally Connected Europe!

....And there's More!

The European Commission provides grant funding to help applicants put the appropriate technical solutions and organisational set-up in place to ensure that authorities can receive and process eInvoices, respecting the coming standard. Owing to the high-demand for grant funding to support eInvoicing, the European Commission has increased the indicative level of funding to €10 million in 2017. See the pre-published CEF Telecom Work Programme for more!


N.B The eInvoicing Readiness Checker is an easy-to-use tool, which provides all the information and guidance needed to get started - this User Guide will answer any questions you might have.

Last updated on  Feb 24, 2017 15:45

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