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CEF Digital

Part of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme - enabler of the Digital Single Market

CEF Building Blocks 

Build your digital service faster and cheaper and create a European digital single market.


Supporting electronic registered delivery of data and documents.


Creating and verifying electronic signatures.


Extending the use of online services to citizens of other EU Member States.


Exchanging information across language barriers in the EU Member States.


Helping public entities adopt the European standard on electronic invoicing.

About the building blocks

Learn more about the CEF building blocks.

Sector Specific Digital Service Infrastructures

Projects reusing the building blocks

eHealth refers to tools and services using information and communication technologies (ICTs) that can improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and management.

This Digital Service Infrastructure is an IT system – EESSI - that will help institutions across Europe to exchange information needed for the social security coordination more rapidly and securely.
E-procurement can significantly simplify the way procurement is conducted and deliver better procurement outcomes by stimulating greater competition across the Single Market.

Latest news

The Manifesto notes the role of cities in the data economy and the emergence of platforms as a key component of the modern economy.
The latest monitoring data published by the European Commission shows increased uptake of CEF eTranslation and eSignature, as well as Public Open Data and Online Dispute Resolution.
High-level representatives and distinguished panellists will successfully demonstrate the value of the building blocks and the eIDAS Regulation on trust services in the internal market for the realisation of the Digital Single Market.

Building blocks performance

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The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) supports trans-European networks and infrastructures in the sectors of transport, telecommunications and energy. Learn more about CEF and the Digital Single Market.

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You can contact support for the building blocks or ask your question to the CEF Digital community. You will need an EU Login account in order to interact on CEF Digital.