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The News

Thomas Fillis | 31 March 2016 

CEF Digital at CeBIT 2016 in Hannover, Germany



CEF Digital made its second appearance at CeBIT with a booth entitled "Digital Public Service across Borders" positioned in the Public Sector Park hall. The booth presented information on EU legislation relating to the digital economy, various interoperable IT solutions in development and a number of large scale pilot projects. 


Participants met experts showcasing various digital solutions (so-called building blocks), explaining how these solutions can help businesses and public administrations better deliver cross-border digital public services and what that means for citizens. Elements of the Connecting Europe Facilities' catalogue of building blocks, and the electronic identification and trust services regulation (eIDAS) were also among those topics on display.


Visitors to the stand enjoyed a number of interesting gimmicks such as a big multi-touch screen, RFID-based information spots, a sliding monitor, games and quizzes, presentations, cartoon videos, click-through live demonstrations, experts’ statements and other gadgets. Interactive elements provided guests with hands-on access to information and data relating to the stand’s slogan “Digital Public Services across Borders”.


The booth was organised by cooperation between the European Commission and the Large Scale Pilots e-SENS, piloting the use of general-purpose building blocks and e-CODEX, which is working to create interoperability between legal authorities and improve the access to legal means for citizens and businesses.






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