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Digital Signature Service (DSS)


Please see the notes below for the features of the DSS framework:

DSS framework

  • Digital signature : XAdES, CAdES, PAdES, JAdES and ASiC-S/ASiC-E;
  • Digital signature extension : T-, LT-, LTA-level;
  • Validation of a digital signature;
  • Packaging structures: enveloping, enveloped, detached and internally-detached;
  • Multiple parallel signature creation;
  • Signature customization (including visual signature for PDF);
  • Trust management (including multiple LOTL/TL loading);
  • Revocation data handling (OCSP and CRL sources);
  • Management of signature tokens (PKCS#11, MS-CAPI, MOCCA, PKCS#12);
  • Validation policy customization;
  • Validation reports (Simple, Detailed, ETSI Validation report);
  • Collection of a static information from a signed document (Diagnostic Data);
  • Certificate validation;
  • Timestamp creation;
  • Timestamp validation;
  • Signature/Timestamp/Certificate qualification;
  • REST and SOAP webservices.

The current web application provides a demo of the claimed features :

  • Document(s) signing in different supported formats (XAdES, CAdES, PAdES, JAdES and ASiC-S/ASiC-E);
  • Digest signing;
  • PDF signing;
  • Signature extension;
  • Document timestamping;
  • Document validation (signature and timestamp);
  • Certificate validation;
  • Tokens retrieving (on document validation);
  • Validation of Diagnostic Data;
  • EU LOTL summary;
  • OJ trusted certificates;
  • Standalone Java application;
  • REST and SOAP webservices.