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Acces by name of the Country Monthly files of the Infor Euro (format Microsoft Excel)

Subject: Accounting rate of the euro and conversion rate to be used in particular for the calculation of the refunding of medical expenses, mission expenses, living expenses, approach and travel of foreign persons invited by the European Commission departments.
The Commission points out that this document has a strictly informative value and does not create rights in the head of the users.
The exchange rates are available in the form of files in Microsoft Excel format resuming, for a defined period, the rates of all the quoted currencies against the euro and, again for information only, against the Belgian Franc (from 1994 to 2001).
The rates shown are market rates of the penultimate working day of the previous month quoted by the European Central Bank or provided by the Commission's delegations or other reliable sources according to availability close to this date. They are also available by country in the form of a list of the historical rates of the national currency against the euro (or, up to December 1998, of the ecu).
For the Member States, you can click on the corresponding flag to obtain the historical rates of the national currency.
Since 1999 (2001 for Greece), the rates applied for currencies which have become `non-decimal' sub-units of the euro are the irrevocably fixed exchange rates.