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Flexibility instruments

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There are instruments designed to make the financial framework more flexible:

The management of these instruments and their mobilisation procedures are set out in the interinstitutional agreement.

Emergency Aid Reserve – € 280 million per year (in 2011 prices) *

Designed to enable a rapid response to specific aid requirements for non-EU countries that were unforeseeable when the budget was drawn up.

Priority is given to humanitarian operations, but the reserve may also be used for civil crisis management and protection if necessary.

EU Solidarity Fund – € 500 million per year (in 2011 prices) *

Aims to release emergency financial aid following a major disaster in a Member State or aspiring ("candidate") country. Aid is managed by the recipient country, and should be used to rebuild basic infrastructure, fund emergency services, temporary accommodation or clean-up operations, or counter immediate health risks.

Max.7.5% of the Fund's annual budget (i.e. €75m) can be used for regional disasters.

Flexibility Instrument – max. € 471million per year (in 2011 prices) *

Provides funding in a given financial year for clearly identified expenses which could not be covered by one or more budget headings without exceeding their expenditure ceilings.

European Globalisation Adjustment Fund – max. € 150 million per year (in 2011 prices) *

Aims to help workers reintegrate into the labour market where they have been displaced by major structural changes in world trade patterns.

* Transformation into current prices is done in the Technical Adjustment (TA) by applying a 2% deflator.

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