2 070 projects found
TitleCountriesTime frameEU contribution
Combatting the invasive fish species silver-cheeked toadfish Cyprus2012 to 2015€124 732
Common Framework on Seasonal Social Safety Nets in Northern Mali Mali2014 to 2015€10 000 000
Communicating environmental actions to children and youth Sweden2009 to 2011€1 261 397
Communication bridge Across Sport and Theatre Romania2010 to 2012€20 000
Community Oriented Art and Social Transformation United Kingdom2011 to 2013€168 215
Community alternatives to the war on drugs: Community advocacy for harm reduction India2013 to 2015€2 343 174
Community currencies encourage local development United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Netherlands2011 to 2015€3 126 979
Community schools in Zambia Zambia2013 to 2016€672 009
Community seafood officer – one-to-one engagement with local businesses and English fisheries United Kingdom2012 to 2015€57 100
Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction in Niger Niger2011 to 2020€74 500 000
Concept to improve resource and energy efficiency in treatment of pulp and paper industry effluents Sweden2015 to 2019€1 863 958
Conflict Resolution through Negotiations Germany2015 to 2015€16 081
Conflict Zones | Zones de Conflit France2014 to 2015€250 000
Conjuring touch from thin air United Kingdom2015 to 2017€1 492 193
Connecting Brussels Airport to high speed railway network Belgium2007 to 2015€13 210 288
Connecting Lithuanian and Polish electricity systems Lithuania2015 to 2016€27 375 582
Connecting cultures with connected transportation Finland, Sweden2011 to 2013€1 530 000
Connecting filmmakers with the right locations in Germany, France, Luxembourg and Belgium Germany2008 to 2011€316 050
Connecting remote areas to superfast broadband United Kingdom2007 to 2013€65 551 300
Connecting the links to a sustainable food supply chain Netherlands2013 to 2016€2 932 328
Conservation Genetic Resources for Effective Species Survival United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Czech Republic2010 to 2013€900 000
Conservation and surveillance of conservation status of wolf (Canis lupus) population in Slovenia Slovenia2010 to 2013€721 850
Conservation of Aquila pomarina in Romania Romania2010 to 2013€1 413 104
Conservation of Hungarian meadow viper (Vipera ursinii rakosiensis) in the Carpathian-basin Hungary2009 to 2013€1 669 967
Conservation of imperial eagle and saker falcon in key Natura 2000 sites in Bulgaria Bulgaria2009 to 2013€1 534 317
Consolidating and securing an old military route between France and Italy Italy, France2011 to 2014€1 091 870
Consolidation of law enforcement capacities in Albania Albania2013 to 2016€4 000 000
Consolidation of the Justice System in Albania Albania2014 to 2016€4 000 000
Construcition of a 30 MWp Solar Power Plant in the context of the West African Power Pool €9 760 000
Construction at the Albert Canal's key lock Belgium2007 to 2015€26 930 000
Construction d’une centrale hybride à Agadez Niger€16 000 000
Construction of 5 warehouses and onion drying facilities Senegal2013 to 2014€449 901 744
Construction of Draženci to Gruškovje motorway section Slovenia2011 to 2012€2 022 500
Construction of Muzizi Hydro Power Project (45 MW) Uganda€20 000 000
Construction of Recreational and Sport Facilities Poland2011 to 2012€75 000
Construction of S19 road segment at Lublin aims to boost business opportunities in the region Poland2014 to 2020€66 144 469
Construction of University of Latvia Academic Centre continues | EU funding provides modern premises for numerous faculties and institutes Latvia2017 to 2021€30 000 000
Construction of a pond and acquisition of fish farming technology Slovakia2013 to 2014€109 161
Construction of an underwater farm for production of Black Sea mussels Bulgaria2009 to 2011€295 703
Construction of low energy buildings in rural areas Ireland, Austria, United Kingdom, Romania, Norway, Spain, Croatia2012 to 2015€1 109 280
Construction of road border crossing at Dołhobyczów (Poland - Ukraine) Poland2012 to 2014€4 994 588
Contributing to stabilisation efforts in Iraq Iraq2016 to 2017€3 500 000
Converting trout farm into organic production Denmark2012 to 2014€100 671
Cooperating to improve olive oil quality Italy2012 to 2014€66 356
Cooperation Project on Strengthening EU's Nordic Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) modules Finland2015 to 2016€500 000
Cooperative action to empower rural women in Ghana Ghana2011 to 2014€44 180
Cooperative fish processing plant France2011 to 2014€12 240
Coordinated Assistance to Conflict- and Displacement-affected Population in Syria Syrian Arab republic2014 to 2014€5 000 000
Coordinated Research in Earth Systems and Climate United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Finland2015 to 2020€14 300 000
Coordinated Response to Child Abuse and Neglect via Minimum Data set Greece2012 to 2016€427 162