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TitleCountriesTime frameEU contribution
A new fibre-optic broadband link on the Swedish-Norwegian border Sweden, Norway2011 to 2012€328 172
A new policy model is just the job in Italy’s Lombardy region Italy2013 to 2015€26 103 095
A new research facility for the Middle East Jordan2002 to 2016€3 000 000
A new type of stove is benefiting businesses, the environment and people's health in Laos Lao People's Democratic Republic2013 to 2017€1 847 792
A new way of repairing wind turbine blades Germany2015 to 2017€1 146 552
A new way to fight tumours | Nanoparticle method shows signs of success Germany2017 to 2020€35 000 000
A new way to make tasty bread that's good for you Netherlands2012 to 2014€996 662
A packaging revolution | EcoBioCap: a safer, greener kind of food packaging Occitanie2011 to 2015€3 000 000
A perfect example of integrated waste management | Stozher landfill site solves waste disposal issues in Dobrich, Bulgaria Bulgaria2013 to 2015€16 000 000
A pilot network of small protected sites for plant species in Bulgaria using the micro-reserve model Bulgaria2010 to 2013€227 957
A planner for safer water supplies and sanitation in Africa Austria2011 to 2014€1 989 826
A printed canal house | New Amsterdam landmark made from 3D-printed components Netherlands2011 to 2014€300 000
A richer sound for clarinets | EU funds supported development of much sought-after mouthpieces Styria2014 to 2016€150 000
A robotic answer to safe, automated industrial maintenance Spain2011 to 2014€2 999 999
A sensory solution to efficient urban parking Spain2010 to 2010€30 740
A shot in the arm for vaccine research Italy2011 to 2016€29 980 670
A simpler approach to managing R&D funding United Kingdom2014 to 2015€20 000
A small farm with big ideas | 11 agronomists from Haute-Vienne set up La Tournerie France2015 to 20170
A smart bus stop | Passengers get traffic information while performing everyday tasks Hungary2016 to 2017€410 000
A sonorous amber concert hall Latvia2003 to 2015€12 800 000
A sonorous amber concert hall | Acoustic concert hall in Liepaja, Latvia improves region’s cultural life Latvia2003 to 2015€23 518 542
A strategy for success Poland2008 to 2012€125 000 000
A successful urban transformation and professional opportunities for youngsters Belgium2014 to 2020€2 750 000
A successful urban transformation and professional opportunities for youngsters | Brussels’ first ‘passive’ hotel revitalises old industrial site Belgium2014 to 2020€2 750 000
A textile revolution France2013 to 2020€5 000 000
A ticket to better training for Polish SMEs Poland2012 to 2015€974 885
A tunnel yields a whole lot of valuable materials Austria2012 to 2015€3 243 659
A unique seat of learning | Portugal’s Nova SBE attracts students from around the world Cascais2016 to 2020€25 000 000
A vehicle for keeping fit | Innovative device helps with exercise and rehabilitation Poland2014 to 20190
A virtual museum United Kingdom, Greece, Belgium, France, Switzerland2015 to 2017€2 300 000
A virtuous circle of recycling and waste management in southern Finland Finland2008 to 2010€114 240
A war on childhood cancer | Apeiron’s work on cancer immunotherapy progresses Austria2017 to 2019€25 000 000
A wearable miniaturized fall detection system for the elderly France2009 to 2011€1 128 931
A ‘smart’ surgical knife to fight cancer United Kingdom2008 to 2013€1 750 000
A14 Corridor traffic management scheme United Kingdom2009 to 2011€11 670 000
ADAS for fusion in Europe United Kingdom2009 to 2013€900 000
AGRO IT: more efficient farming thanks to an open standards IT system Slovenia2014 to 2016€2 521 000
AQUAFIL – Networking for cleaner rivers and better water quality Bulgaria, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania2004 to 2007€929 852
ARBOR: Securing North-West Europe's biomass energy supply France, United Kingdom2007 to 2013€3 717 426
ARENA 2036 – Active Research Environment for the Next Generation of Automobiles | Research centre prepares the ground for the transport of the future Baden-Württemberg2015 to 2017€15 000 000
ARTICULATE (Artists, Industry and Communities Collaborate in Looking At a Future Europe) United Kingdom2012 to 2014€200 000
ARTWEI – tools for ‘transitional waters’ Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden2010 to 2013€1 110 982
Absorbable orthopaedic implants to eliminate need for surgery Poland2013 to 2015€351 559
Academy of Crafts gives young Hungarians and Slovenians new perspectives using old crafts Slovenia, Hungary2007 to 2013€758 362
Accelerating progress towards maternal, neonatal and child mortality reduction in Zambia Zambia2013 to 2018€48 500 000
Access to controlled medicines for people who need them Germany2009 to 2014€2 449 062
Access to information on public schemes for people living with disability in poor districts of India India2014 to 2018€999 619
Accès à l'électrification par l'énergie hydraulique - No 38 Madagascar2017 to 2019€500 000
Achieving a sustainable future for African farming Netherlands2011 to 2015€3 994 856
Achieving good water QUality status in intensive Animal production areas Italy2010 to 2014€1 310 901