'Piatra Doamnei' trout farm in Romania


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A new modern rainbow trout farm in Comuna Nucșoara, Sboghiţeşti Village, with:

  • circular tanks for trout husbandry, made of wooden board and a waterproof membrane. The water is supplied by a small dam on the nearby river Râul Doamnei, through a sand separator of reinforced concrete;
  • ”Trout Man’s House” – a building with a nursery hall – including hatching and pre-growth tanks, tool storing/ maintenance room and a processing room, with the necessary amenities;
  • a refrigerating van.

A new farm with a surface area of 25 000 m2;65 tonnes produced annually;16 fish tanks;“Trout Man’s House”;Eco-friendly trout smoking installation;Shop on site;Specialised transport van.

Programme name
European Fisheries Fund (EFF)
EC’s priorities
Jobs, Growth and Investment
EU contribution
€270 237
Project location
Time frame
2013 to 2015

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