A multifunctional ship to tackle marine pollution in Estonia

A multifunctional ship to tackle marine pollution in Estonia

A multifunctional ship has been procured for Estonia to deal with incidents of marine pollution in Estonian waters and other parts of Baltic Sea. The ship is capable, under normal conditions, of removing the source of marine pollution within 48 hours. Under the care of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, it also monitors and supervises the marine environment, helping to prevent potential disasters.


Estonian ports and others in the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea are heavily involved in the trans-shipping of oil and oil products, making them particularly vulnerable to the occurrence of major oil spills. The ship was successfully launched in April 2011 to address the risk of oil spills. It is 64 metres long and 10.2 metres wide and is equipped with 2 000 metres of marine barriers, and it will be able to tackle 0.6 km2 of marine pollution in a 12 hour period.The ship is now 'on call' to react to emergencies in Estonian waters or in other parts of the Baltic Sea, allowing crews to respond and intervene before waves carry oil to the shore, greatly reducing the costs and damage. In the event of an alert, the ship will be ready to leave from the harbour to the marine pollution area within two hours, be at the pollution area within six hours and start remediation works within 12 hours. This means that under normal conditions the marine pollution should be removed within 48 hours. 

Programme name
European Structural and Investment Funds
EC’s priorities
Jobs, Growth and Investment
EU contribution
€29 800 000
Project location
Time frame
2011 to 2015
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