AGRO IT: more efficient farming thanks to an open standards IT system


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The project built and tested several applications on farms that make little use of computer technology.

Some of these applications collect data from various forms of agricultural sensors and send them to a cloud environment for processing.

Other applications access those data from the cloud environment and make them available to farmers on standard smart phones.

Farmers use these applications to monitor their farms and plan their work more efficiently.


AgroIT's main achievement is the cloud integration platform.This is middleware that integrates services from different software solutions.The first step is integrating services from the project's software partners.The second step is for AgroIT to serve as an open platform on which any software solution provider can publish.The solution was developed by the University of Ljubljana. ​​​The AgroIT project has pilot farms across Europe, from Denmark, Poland, Romania and Slovenia to Austria, Serbia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Programme name
Competitiveness and innovation framework programme (CIP)
EC’s priorities
Digital Single Market
EU contribution
€2 521 000
Project location
Time frame
2014 to 2016
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