A wearable miniaturized fall detection system for the elderly

A wearable miniaturized fall detection system for the elderly

FallWatch project designed a new miniaturised, wearable, telecommunicating fall detection device to minimize the consequences of falls in the elderly. It automatically detects a fall and immediately contact the health services to allow an early intervention, helping the elderly live more safely. The small 'patch'-type device can be worn for up to 30 days and uses environmental infra-red sensors at the user's home with specific data fusion algorithm to improve reliability. The patch is also able to monitor the patient's heartbeat and transfer this information to the medical team.


The miniaturised Vigi'Fall patch has been successfully trialled in laboratory, hospital, nursing home and domestic environments. Lab trials demonstrated a 90%+ successful detection rate for the biosensor alone without use of the data-fusion software. Trials in real-world environments, which incorporated the data-fusion software, showed an even higher success rate with false alerts practically eliminated.

Programme name
Seventh Research framework programme (incl. Completion of sixth Research FP)
EC’s priorities
Jobs, Growth and Investment
EU contribution
€1 128 931
Project location
Time frame
2009 to 2011
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