A ‘smart’ surgical knife to fight cancer

A ‘smart’ surgical knife to fight cancer

The DESI-JEDI IMAGING project created the 'iKnife' – a smart surgical knife that analyses the tissue it is cutting through. The knife can instantly feed back information about the tissue to surgeons - indicating, for example, whether the tissue is affected by disease or not and therefore helping to keep surgical intervention to the strict minimum.


The iKnife was developed for electro-surgery, as this is preferred by cancer specialists, but the technique is also applicable to hydro- and laser-surgery. New applications for the tool could also include analysis of mucous membranes and the respiratory, urino-genital or gastro-intestinal systems.

Programme name
Seventh Research framework programme (incl. Completion of sixth Research FP)
EC’s priorities
Jobs, Growth and Investment
EU contribution
€1 750 000
Project location
United Kingdom
Time frame
2008 to 2013
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