6DSPACES: combining multimedia technology with the senses

6DSPACES: combining multimedia technology with the senses

A research and development (R&D) project in Portugal has created interactive multimedia solutions for use in museums, exhibition halls and other public spaces. Its success has led to company expansion and job creation.


'Not only has 6Dspaces helped create direct jobs; it also contributed for the internationalisation of the company in the form of foreign investors, which translated into new clients for Wow!Systems in countries such as Italy and Brazil.' Miguel Campos, Executive Manager, Wow!Systems6DSPACES created 5 permanent jobs for the company. The positions were taken by Computer Sciences students from the nearby University of Madeira, avoiding the all too familiar 'brain drain', which has plagued the island and indeed Portugal in recent years. The success of the project also meant the company could invest in other business areas such as mobile platforms, leading to the creation of its first spin-off known as 'F-app-tory' - an online service for developing mobile apps. This diversification has generated revenue for the region as a whole as well as creating new jobs. As a direct result of 6DSPACES, the company also obtained vital international contacts and established new partnerships with respected bodies such as the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute. 

European Structural and Investment Funds
EU-kommissionens prioriteringar
Jobs, Growth and Investment
226 679 €
2009 to 2012

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